The Sweet Life

Section: Open-Air Cinema

Czech Republic / 2024 / 102 min

Wednesday 05. 06.
21:30 - 23:12

Open Air Cinema

Hockey representative Rosťa Beran is a tough guy through and through. He lives in a luxurious apartment, drives a fast car, and has many young lovers, adhering to the motto: "Don't take anyone over thirty!" Money and the title of world champion give him a wonderful feeling of invincibility and superiority. But nothing lasts forever... An unexpected collapse in bed with a beautiful blonde puts a definitive end to Rosťa's blissful ease with a thick EKG line. The transplant of his new heart will be led by the strict doctor Magda, with whom he once spent a single night and never contacted again. Moreover, debts from his extravagant life strip Rosťa of his last penny, and the only thing left from his famous life is a world champion medal, saved for him by his former manager and friend. Rosťa must find new life energy, optimism, and the courage to start over from scratch. Primarily helping him is Jindřich, a serious and responsible guy who is raising a six-year-old daughter, has a heart of gold, and although he initially genuinely dislikes Rosťa, they soon become best friends. Rosťa is surprised to find that the life of ordinary mortals can be as beautiful and unique as the love for the right woman over thirty…

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