The Aristocrats

Section: Open-Air Cinema

Czech Republic, Slovak Republic / 2024 / 99 min

Tuesday 04. 06.
21:30 - 23:09

Open Air Cinema

Count Frank Kostka, his wife Vivien, and their daughter Marie live in their ancestral castle, Kostka. The housekeeper Mrs. Tichá, the maintenance man Krása, and the castellan Josef help maintain the castle. The original interest of visitors in the curse of Countess Marie no longer draws as before, which Marie doesn't mind – it gives her plenty of time with her Max, a noble from the neighboring Castle Hvězda. However, Frank is at his wit's end, with not enough money for salaries or necessary repairs. Just at this moment, Deniska, the daughter of the lawyer Benda, appears and stirs up the calm waters of the family estate…

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