Space Frank

Section: Open-Air Cinema

Czech Republic / 2024 / 101 min

Monday 03. 06.
21:30 - 23:11

Open Air Cinema

The peaceful life of a small Moravian village is disturbed by strange phenomena. It seems something mysterious has occurred in the field behind the village. Local amateur astronomer Blažej is convinced that a visit from space has arrived, but no one believes him. Mayor Picek is busy with grants, and local police officer Marková is investigating a stolen tanker. But why then have circles appeared in the field near the vineyard? And why is neighbor Franta suddenly acting so oddly? He's spouting nonsense and searching for something called Karadar, as if someone has switched him out! The whole village insists that Franta was always a bit out of this world, but this behavior is even too much for his wife, Božena. And why has Rebeka suddenly appeared, claiming that she came to this seemingly uninteresting village just to camp? And who is General Sokol really commanding?

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