Underage Engineers

Section: Competition of European Documentary Films for Young Audience

  • Od 13 years
  • Adults and students
  • Feel-good
  • Based upon a book
  • Identity
  • Education
  • Teamwork
  • School
  • Disability

Director: Aleksandra Skowron, Hanna Polak / Poland / 2020 / 52 min
Polish / Czech subtitles, English subtitles

Friday 04. 09.
09:40 - 10:32

Golden Apple Cinema, 4
Monday 07. 09.
14:30 - 15:22

Golden Apple Cinema, 5


Aleksandra Skowron; journalist, director and screenwriter. She studied journalism at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, at the Warsaw University, and directing & cameraman specialization at Film and TV Academy in Warsaw. More than 20 years ago she stared her career as a journalist. She worked in many different roles with i.e. Télé Bruxelles, TVP, Życie Warszawy. 2002-2009 she was a correspondent and journalist in Brussels. Now she’s working on „Underage Astronaut” film. 2020 - "Underage Engineers", documentary, 52' 2021 - "Underage Astronaut", documentary (in production)


Hanna Polak, Oscar-nominated director and operator, graduated from the Institute Cinematography of the Russian Federation (WGIK) at the operator faculty. In 2004 Hanna finished her documentary film, "Leningrad Children," which was nominated for an Academy Award, received an IDA Award (International Documentary Association) and was nominated for an Emmy Award in two categories, among many other awards that the film won. In 2015, Hanna completed a full-length documentary "Better Days Will Come," which received a nomination from the American Film Producers Guild and a prestigious award Special Jury Prize at the IDFA Festival in Amsterdam. Film "Better Days Will Come" It has received in total more than 30 awards and nominations worldwide. 2004 "Children of Leningradsky" (IDA Award, Oscar and Emmy nominations) 2015 "Something Better to Come" 2019 "Underage Engineers"

An observational story about how a particular person can dramatically change the lives of a typical teenager – and how such an adult can also change under the influence of his pupils. This is a film about transformation, discovering passion, and forever having a positive impact on a child's approach to learning and life... All the protagonists have been observed for three years through the ages 12-15, at the most important moment in their development. And in so many ways their development has been atypical. During their very first lesson they heard that they should throw away their textbooks. Then it got even stranger, with 12-year-olds from a small Polish town attempting to build satellite sail test models, inspired by a group of professional engineers...

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