Adults and Students

Cinema Off School 2023 / International conference on film and audiovisual education

Section: Zlín Industry Days

Runtime: 420 min.



Sun | 04.06 | 09:00 | Zlín Congress Centre

9 am - 4 pm / Congress Centre, Small Hall

The eighth year of the international conference Cinema Off School will focus on the issue of the need for a film education textbook and the various authorial and methodological approaches and uses. Can and should the Czech Republic take inspiration from other European countries? What would an ideal textbook look like? Is there a chance to create a model that will be accessible and customized for teachers of Czech schools? What inspirational approaches can we find abroad? We will present some examples of materials created by foreign guests and share our experience with their compilation. The conference will also include a presentation of the Filmouka guide, which is currently being prepared by the Association for Film and Audiovisual Education and which is the first of its kind in our country.


Admission for accredited film professionals only.
Language: Czech, English.

Runtime420 min.
Age limitAdults and Students