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Like Me (2018)

Section: European Web Series for Teenagers

Director: Anne Wisløff, Norway, 2018, 80 min.



Thu | 01.06 | 09:30 | Zámek

Do you also want a place to belong? Have a bunch of friends who dig you? Is that decided by the number of likes, the number of followers? One hateful comment? Or two? Or a birthday party that no one invited you to? Arin got invited into a group of cool girls at school. But her best friend Oda wasn’t. Don't tell me you've never had anything like this happen to you... An honest and empathetic Norwegian hit series about self-perception in an age of uncompromising social media ratings.

Do You Like Me?, duration: 28 min
Who Is Your Best Friend?, duration: 37 min

Category : Relationships , Internet ,

Production Year2018
Runtime80 min.
Age limit12
Directed by Anne Wisløff
Screenplay Anne Wisløff
Director of Photography Svend Even Hærra
Edited by Alec Thom, Frida R. Møller, Anne Margrethe Årstad
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Cast Jenny Evensen, Abdullah Ouro Agouda, Mathias Bram, Ole Didrik Laake, Elias Demoniere
Anne Wisløff Director and screenwriter from Norway. She works with the public broadcaster Norwegian Broadcasting Association (NRK) and focuses on work for and about children. Her work focuses on web series, e.g. Sara (2008), MIA (2010) and Like Me (Lig Meg, 2018-2022).