Patchwork Kingdom: The Mole's Work (2022)

Section: Neighbourhood

Director: Grzegorz Koncewicz, Poland, 2022, 7 min.


Princess Bianca and Albert the Hamster play on a small sandy hill. Noticing they’re surrounded by more of the hills and a desert, they don’t know how to escape.

Production Year2022
Runtime7 min.
Age limit-
Directed by Grzegorz Koncewicz
Story Marta Stelmaszczyk
Screenplay Marta Stelmaszczyk
Director of Photography Grzegorz Koncewicz
Music Wojciech Lemański
Edited by Grzegorz Koncewicz
Contact Serafiński Studio sp. z o.o.
Grzegorz Koncewicz
This films is a part of the following program Neighbourhood - short animations.