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Czech Land

Erhart (2022)

Section: New Czech Films and TV Programmes

Director: Jan Březina, Czech Republic, 2022, 71 min.



Fri | 02.06 | 17:00 | Golden Apple Cinema 5
Delegation: Jan Březina

Erhart, 23, arrives in his hometown to see his mother, who has had a siezure and is in hospital. She lives alone in the family home and has been struggling with mental health issues since her husband was convicted of defrauding a local factory. She tells Erhart that their house is to be sold, and also that his missing father has returned to town and will put an end to the sale and put everything in order. However, Erhart learns that their house actually belongs to an anonymous company in a tax haven, and begins doubting what he once considered to be a clear, absolute truth.

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CountryCzech Republic
Production Year2022
Runtime71 min.
Age limit15
Directed by Jan Březina
Story Jan Březina
Screenplay Jan Březina
Director of Photography Jan Skriečka
Music Martin Hůla
Edited by Michal Böhm
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Cast Filip Březina, Elizaveta Maximová, Klára Soukupová, Petra Jungmanová, Přemysl Bureš
Jan Březina Film director and screenwriter. He studied film science at Charles University and later graduated from FAMU with the award-winning short film Maria Stock (2013). He made his feature film debut with the drama Erhart (2022). He has directed, for example, the documentary series Forbidden God (2021).