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The Secret of Mr. M. (2023)

Section: New Czech Films and TV Programmes

Director: Pavel Šimák, Czech Republic, 2023, 81 min.



Thu | 01.06 | 10:40 | Aula
Delegation: Pavel Šimák , Honza Šťáva , Theo Schaefer , Kamila Vamberová

Fri | 02.06 | 08:30 | Golden Apple Cinema 1
Delegation: Pavel Šimák , Honza Šťáva , Theo Schaefer , Kamila Vamberová

Sat | 03.06 | 15:30 | Golden Apple Cinema 2

The rascal Kuba takes Jirka's diary containing his inventions notes. Jirka is the only kid to stick up for the new girl at school, Míša, who wants to get back at Kuba after losing a race. A chase through the city begins, ending at some old gates that shut behind the fleeing Kuba. He subsequently breaks out of the gate and runs away screaming. What so scary behind the gate that can scare even the tough Kuba? The next day, the kids set out to uncover the mystery and discover that someone is watching them… Everything is connected to the name Mendel, but who can it be?

CountryCzech Republic
Production Year2023
Runtime81 min.
Age limit8
Directed by Pavel Šimák
Screenplay Pavel Šimák
Director of Photography Petr Vejslík
Music Jan Kluka
Edited by Jaromír Vašek
Contact Česká televize
Cast Theodor Schaefer, Jan Šťáva, Kamila Vamberová, Pavel Kříž, Jaroslav Plesl
Pavel Šimák Screenwriter, director and actor. He studied directing at the JAMU in Brno. He's long worked in television, directing recordings of theatre performances, documentaries, popular science cycles. Recent works include the documentary Spanish Flu (2021) and the series The Mystery of Mr. M. (2022).