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Juniors (2022)

Section: International Competition of Feature Films in the Junior Category (over 11 years of age)

Director: Hugo Thomas, France, 2022, 95 min.



Thu | 01.06 | 08:40 | Golden Apple Cinema 5

Fri | 02.06 | 10:30 | Golden Apple Cinema 2
Delegation: Hugo Thomas , Marielle Gautier

Tue | 06.06 | 08:30 | Golden Apple Cinema 1

Fourteen-year-old boys Jordan and Patrick live in a small village in the south of France and are bored to death. The only thing they enjoy is Call of Duty, a popular war video game in which they compete with Korean opponents. But one day, tragedy strikes; Jessica (their PlayStation 4) breaks down. How will they get money for a new one? Influenced by circumstances, the teens come up with a crazy idea: Jordan will fake cancer and start an online collection to support his treatment. Both completely cut off from reality, the boys are convinced that their virtual lie will never reach them. Not in their village, not at school, not at home... Money flows in, but the lie gets out and threatens their friendship. A brilliant comedy with a deep message; it plays with limits and breaks traditionally accepted decorum in the face of the suffering. Vanessa Paradis appears as a mother alongside the talented young non-actors.

Production Year2022
Runtime95 min.
Age limit13
SubtitlesCzech, English
Directed by Hugo Thomas
Story Hugo Thomas
Screenplay Hugo Thomas, Jules Lugan
Director of Photography Vadim Asayed
Music Benoît Rault, Lionel Flairs, François Villevieille
Edited by Joseph Comar
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Cast Vanessa Paradis, Ewan Bourdelles, Noah Zandouche
Hugo Thomas French screenwriter and director. He studied law and later film at the École de la Cité in Paris. He made several short films and, together with the Boukherm brothers and Marielle Gautier, directed the collective film Willer the 1st (Willy 1er, 2016). He made his independent debut with the feature comedy Juniors (2022).