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Dojo (2022)

Section: World Children´s Film Panorama

Director: Boris Paval Conen, Netherlands, 2022, 89 min.



Fri | 02.06 | 11:20 | Golden Apple Cinema 3

Wed | 07.06 | 10:50 | Golden Apple Cinema 1

Brandon (13) and his best friend Stefano live in a multicultural working-class neighborhood. They find comfort and brotherhood with a local gang and rise quickly in the street hierarchy by carrying out dangerous tasks. But when Brandon gets caught breaking into a dojo by Kai, a former judo champion and owner of the dojo, he demands that Brandon join his judo school to avoid arrest. In the dojo, Brandon discovers the peaceful philosophy behind judo, which gives him the peace and discipline that his life lacks. Can Brandon break free from the ruthless street life?

Production Year2022
Runtime89 min.
Age limit13
SubtitlesCzech, English
Directed by Boris Paval Conen
Story Marielot van der Slikke, Ashar Medina, Evianne Lamme
Screenplay Ashar Medina, Evianne Lamme with contributions by Joost Schrickx
Director of Photography Joris Bulstra
Music Alberto Arifi, Donny Ulendorp
Edited by Jef Hertoghs
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Cast Ky-mani Pinas, Delano Watchman, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo, Rosalien Sara Schrickx, Ramses Hall
Boris Paval Conen Dutch screenwriter, director and sculptor. He graduated from the Dutch Film and TV Academy. His films include Exit (2013), The Crisis Caravan (2016), Wrong Track (Dwalspoor, 2021) and Dojo (2022). He also directed the short films Dilemma (2005) and Car Men (2006).