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Bantamweight (2022)

Section: Beyond the Childhood Horizon

Director: Hans Matos Cámac, Peru, 2022, 79 min.



Thu | 01.06 | 17:30 | Golden Apple Cinema 6

Enrique is an Andean teenage boxer who lives with his grandmother Digna. When he is chosen to represent the city of Huancayo in a national championship, the coach asks Enrique and the other local contestants for their IDs to register them and travel to the contest. For his teammates this isn’t a problem, but it is for Enrique; he is ashamed of his ID photo and insists on changing it. Between training and travel plans, Enrique becomes aware that the fight for his dreams isn’t only inside the boxing ring.

Production Year2022
Runtime79 min.
Age limit15
SubtitlesCzech, English
Directed by Hans Matos Cámac
Story Hans Matos Cámac
Screenplay Hans Matos Cámac
Director of Photography Mario Bassino
Edited by Hans Matos Cámac
Contact LABPCA
Cast Max Huiza García, Rosalía Clemente Tacza, Melvin Quijada Safora, Angela Contreras Huamán, Benjamín Baltazar Terbullino, Gilmer Briceño Rosales
Hans Matos Cámac Writer, director and editor from Peru, living and working in the central Andes. His directorial filmography includes his feature debut Old Town (Pueblo viejo, 2015), short films Sin Título (2018), and Mayolo Hotel (2017). His latest film is Bantamweight (2022).