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Singo (2022)

Section: International Competition of Feature Films in the Children’s Category

Director: Alireza Mohammadi, Iran, 2022, 82 min.



Fri | 27.05 | 14:00 | Golden Apple Cinema 4
Delegation: Alireza Mohammadi Ruzbahany

Mon | 30.05 | 14:30 | Golden Apple Cinema 5

From the first scene, it's clear that our hero, Shafa, is no ordinary girl. She races motorcycles, defends weaker friends, and saves animals from danger. Shafa lives with her father and two siblings on the island of Singo, a fishing community with strict rules. It is ruled by a local rich man who thinks money can buy everyone and everything. One day, Shafi's dad catches some very rare crabs, called horseshoe crabs, whose blood is worth a lot of money. The profit from their sale is to be distributed among all the island's inhabitants. But Shafa feels bad for the animals and releases them into the sea at night. Anger and blame fall on her father and the whole family faces the unpleasant consequences. The brave girl, however, refuses to be cast out by the locals. She sets out for a nearby island where rare crabs are said to live to save her loved ones from impending disaster.

Production Year2022
Runtime82 min.
Age limit10
SubtitlesEnglish, Simultanneous translation into Czech
Directed by Ali Reza Mohammadi
Story Mohsen Farajollahi-Leila Nikzad
Screenplay Leila Nikzad
Director of Photography Mojtaba Shadrou
Music Shahrouz Haghi
Edited by Manoucher Saanei
Contact Filmchi Co.
Cast Hadis Abosalaghi, Behshad Sharifian , Taha Behrouzpour , Zohre Eslami
Alireza Mohammadi Iranian screenwriter and director. He studied film at the University of Arts and Culture in Tehran. He's helped make TV series and directed the films Rotten (2019), Zugzwang (2020), and Just Two More (2021).