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Kids are Fine (2021)

Section: International Competition of Feature Films in the Children’s Category

Director: Ji Won LEE, South Korea, 2021, 108 min.



Thu | 09.09 | 15:00 | Golden Apple Cinema, sál 6

Mon | 13.09 | 08:40 | Golden Apple Cinema, sál 2

With an ailing mother and a very busy father, Da-yi is used to doing everything by himself. His family moves closer to his mother’s hospital so Da-yi can visit his mother every day. Though in a new neighborhood and school, Da-yi does not feel lonely as long as he is with his mother. He visits his mother every day to spend time with her. Gradually adjusting to his new school, Da-yi becomes best friends with his classmates Yu-jin and Min-ho. As he spends more time with his friends, he spends less time thinking about his mother. However, when his mother’s condition worsens and she is transferred to a faraway hospital, Da-yi gets worried that he may never see her again and heads out on the search with his friends.

CountrySouth Korea
Production Year2021
Runtime108 min.
Age limit8
SubtitlesEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by LEE Ji Won
Story H5P6 (original webtoon)
Screenplay LEE Ji Won
Director of Photography SON Jinyong
Music LEE Jin Ah
Edited by SON Yeonji
Contact Finecut
Cast LEE Kyung hoon, YOON Kyungho, LEE Sang-hee
Ji Won LEE A Korean director. She studied film production at Chung-ang University in Seoul. She directed the award-winning short films Blue Desert (2011) and Summer Night (2016), and her feature debut is the feature drama Kids Are Fine (Ah-ee-deul-eun Jeul-gup-da, 2021).