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Female Director

Operation Mummy (2019)

Section: Panorama

Director: Grethe Bøe, Norway, 2019, 77 min.



Fri | 04.09 | 08:10 | Golden Apple Cinema, 1

Sun | 06.09 | 15:30 | Golden Apple Cinema, 2

Wed | 09.09 | 10:10 | Golden Apple Cinema, 5

The local museum is planning an exhibit on ancient Egypt, and the crowning attraction will be a several-thousand-year-old mummy. But during the preparations a series of accidents occur. Could the rumors be true – is the mummy cursed? Or is someone out to sabotage the exhibit? This means a new case for the child detectives Tiril and Oliver.

Category : Female Director ,

Production Year2019
Runtime77 min.
Age limit8
SubtitlesEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Grethe Bøe
Screenplay Grethe Bøe
Director of Photography Gaute Gunnari
Edited by Bjørnar Rydland Thyholdt
Contact Norwegian Film Institute
Cast Mikkel Bratt Silset, Pål Sverre Hagen, Per KJerstad
Grethe Bøe Screenwriter and director from Norway. She received her education in the USA. She has directed many commercials, short films and TV dramas. Her film work focuses mainly on children and young people. For example, she shot Operation Arctic (Operasjon Arktis, 2014) and Operation Shadowman (Operasjon Mørkemann, 2018).