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Ella Bella Bingo (2019)

Section: Panorama

Director: Frank Mosvold, Atle Blakseth, Norway, 2019, 80 min.



Fri | 04.09 | 09:10 | Golden Apple Cinema, 3

Sun | 06.09 | 13:30 | Golden Apple Cinema, 3

Thu | 10.09 | 08:40 | Golden Apple Cinema, 2

Ella Bella Bingo is organizing a circus for her best friend Henry, as he has never been to a circus before. She is very excited and looks forward to being the main attraction. She is going to show everyone her fantastic magic trick. She is going to make Henry disappear. But when a new cool kid moves into the neighborhood, Ella Bella feels her friendship with Henry is threatened. And after she demands that Henry choose between her and the new boy, Henry disappears for real.

Frank Mosvold left Norway for an education in the USA, where he studied economics and film production. He's made short feature films and also focused on animated TV series, e.g. Hubert (2005–2009) and Ella Bella Bingo (2009–2015), which he co-directed, just as he did the feature film of the same name (2020).
Atle Blakseth is a director from Norway. He studied animation in Volda. He was involved in the making of many animated commercials, short and feature films. He co-directed films such as Pappa (2018) and Ella Bella Bingo (Elleville Elfrid, 2020).

Production Year2019
Runtime80 min.
Age limit4
SubtitlesEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Atle Blakseth / Frank Mosvold
Story Frank Mosvold / Rob Sprackling / Johnny Smith
Screenplay Frank Mosvold / Rob Sprackling / Johnny Smith
Director of Photography Atle Blakseth
Music Jørn Kristian Dahl
Edited by Kristian Tybakken & Christian Schaanning
Contact Studio 100 Film GmbH
Cast Summer Fontana , Jack Fisher, Ben Plessala, Cherokee Rose Castro
Frank Mosvold Atle Blakseth