Duodrom (2019)

Section: International Competition of Short Animated Films for Children

Director: Basil Vogt, Switzerland, 2019, 8 min.



Tue | 08.09 | 13:30 | Golden Apple Cinema, 3

When one man gets frightened, he splits in two: a confident skeleton and timid bag of skin. How can they find harmony and rejoin together?

Production Year2019
Runtime8 min.
Age limit-
LanguageNo dialogues
SubtitlesNo subtitles
Directed by Basil Vogt
Story Basil Vogt
Screenplay Basil Vogt
Director of Photography Nicolò Settegrana, Oswald Iten
Music Hipp Mathis
Edited by Mirjam Krakenberger
Contact Basil Vogt
Basil Vogt Basil Vogt is a director of Trickbüro studio in Zurich since 1990. It makes independent animation films and pre cinema inspired objects. Commissioned works in animation, illustration and playable exhibits for museums and exhibitions. He teaches animation and experimental storytelling.
This films is a part of the following program Northern Lights and other animations.